Three pieces - three kind of services - or a entirety

Still pictures do not necessarily need to be still. They have got the power to affect and evoke emotions, as well as convey informaton. Three Piece makes exactly the pictures you need and want. We do event, fashion, concert, sport and studio photography etc.

We are experienced of creating astonishing pictures in the most remote and difficult locations. Contact us with your ideas and questions and we will realise them into stunning pictures.


Video combines pictures with audio and thus comes packed with information and experiences. We like to make videos that tells a story and can be used in many different contexts. For example to market companies and associations, for documentation or for the distribution of a message.

We like to create video at Three Piece and have for instance worked together with Peak Performance. We are eager to start working on your upcoming project and create something stunning together with you.

Contact us if you want to know more of the possibilities with video from Three Piece Media.

Graphical Design

It’s not all about placing the dot over the “i”. One need to place the right dot in the right way, so to speak. Without good graphical design one risk to not reach the recipient in the desired way.

Three Piece makes sure that text and picture come together in a beautiful way. The life style magazine Yweski Magazine is one of the products created and designed by us. Read the magazine at

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us tell you how we can help you create an entirety with graphical design.


Every assignment and every shoot has it’s own characteristics. We are flexible and design solutions according to your requests. Most of our assignments are unique and therefore the quote differ with the extent of our services and assignments.

Pleas contact us with your idea and we will respond with an explicit and customised offer based on your request, free of charge. We look forward to speak with you about your upcoming project.


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