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For us pictures are more than just aesthetics and catching the light.

It is all about catching moments, feelings and experiences. A great picture is so much more than just a picture, whetether it is a still picture, video or a layout masterpiece. It may evoke memories and emotions, allow oneself to dream away, convey information, and a lot more.

We like to evolve and rethink. This we believe to be a good thing, because when one think in new ways the most astonishing ideas come to life. Together we create really great pictures, but it doesn’t end there. We also create amazing experiences for other souls out there.

Welcome to our three-piece media world!

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We thought differently. In a playful and inspiring manner, we showed the possibilities for climate conscious skiing in Scandinavia. We challenged the customary norms with our storytelling, in favour of a new way to convey a story.

With Eisodus we opened the gates to a more humble discussion on our climate – More percipient and nuanced than before.

När Skogen Tystnar

“My passion is in the adventure, but I also need to make sure the environments are still there for the coming adventurers. In this project, I illuminate the situation of shrinking areas of wilderness in Sweden. Furthermore, I also try to find the real essence of wilderness and explore its relationship with us, humans. This journey through the wilderness of Alaska show what we once had, but what we are about to lose forever.”
– Marcus Aspsjö, Adventurer